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Photo Album for TX, NM 2021
We took our E-MTBs to Texas to ride in the State Parks and on the Caprock Canyons Trailway.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Segment 1: 3 Loops in New Mexico

The GDMBR runs from Banff, Canada to Mexico (Antelope Wells or Columbus NM).` Using MP 0.0 as the Mexican border at Puerto Palomas (near Columbus NM).

This trip begins at MM-373 GRANTS, goes south towards PIE TOWN in a lower loop. The 2nd loop begins in GRANTS, goes northwest on the unpaved (MAIN) route to MM-495 CUBA. The final link goes from MM-495 CUBA to MM-572 ABIQUIU (we finished only half of the route due to storms. We drove the BOLT EV for the Texas/NM trip last month. This trip used the 2000 Xterra. The drive to Chaco Canyon was particularly rough - unpaved with ruts.

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The Plan: Thru-bike from the US-Mexico border to Abiquiu, New Mexico (Segment 1)
- Drive to Abiquiu, NM and leave the car there.
- Hire outfitter for ride to Columbus, NM
- Ride to Mexico border, turn around and head north to Abiquiu.
- Stan got sick, delay, temps getting hotter in NM
- Jenny’s first bike-packing trip where we had to camp
- Revised the plan to make loops on the route, taking the alternate routes back to the car.
- Avoid driving two cars.

Plan B: 3 Loops (South of Grants, Grants-Cuba, Cuba-Abiquiu)
- Drive to Grants, NM, stay in a hotel.
- Ride south on the main unpaved route through the El Malpais National Monument about 60 miles; camp.
- Return to Grants via the alternate route on NM 117 through The Narrows (42 miles). (Charge up)
- Ride north on the main route for 2 days to Cuba (122 miles) camping along the way.
- Stay in Cuba, recharge, ride south two days back to Grants on the ALT route (US 550) and Navajo 9 (126 miles).
- Camp at Chaco Trade Center (gas/store/laundry) bike-friendly and allows bike packers to camp overnight in their locked compound and recharge our batteries.
- Ride from CTC - 76 miles to Grants (charge up)
- Drive to Abiquiu and ride 2 days south on the main (unpaved) route to Cuba, camping en route. ( 77-mile segment; 7750 ft of climbing )
- Stay in Cuba again, return to Abiquiu on the highway. 59 miles but still 4000 ft of climbing and drive home.
- Drive the Nissan Xterra rather than the Bolt EV due to poor placement of charging stations/ rough terrain (4WD)

GDMBR Segment 1: New Mexico Loops

Date Segment Miles Time Up (ft) Down(ft) Links
Mon. May 24, 2021NM - El Malpais - Chain of Craters Byway 56.46 6:07:34 2456' ?? (strava) (YouTube)
Loop 1: South of Grants, NM - Journey into EL MALPAIS
Day 1, Monday, May 24 : Grants South via Main Route on Chain of Craters in EL MALPAIS (unpaved)
Stan's journal with additions by Jenny
We arived in Grants fairly late. Discovered that Ryan Van Duzer(1) was staying in the hotel across the street from us on his way south on the GDMBR, but didn't reach him. This Holiday Inn Express was expensive and a major disappointment ( Choose Motel 6, Super 8, Quality Inn, Days Inn)

The steep climb to the top of the Continental Divide begins on gravel. There was no reliable water on this route, carrying 3 gallons of water.

Stan was carrying 70 lbs of gear – way too much. I was carrying much less - mostly food.

Had headwinds the whole time, I drained my battery after about 24 miles, about 1/4 from the top of the Divide. I switched to his 2nd battery, but the road was too steep to get restarted, so he had to push the bike to the top. Jenny still had a fair amount of charge left. I had to nurse the remaining battery to cover the remaining 78 miles. Conditions: dirt road wasn’t too bad, though had some rough rocky sections on the eastbound section. The lava fields we passed were very impressive. As expected, there was no water available.

We found a cattle tank (marked on the map) which we took some water from using a filter. It had a lot of tadpoles and insect larvae in it. We used the cattle water for cooking since we boiled it.
Lava is a big feature on this route. There's a stop for "ICE CAVE" and "BANDERA VOLCANO", but it was hot...Stan was running out of battery and we pressed-on. This section has about 2 miles of paved highway, but returns to dirt road.
We saw many signs warning Road impassible if wet the dirt turns into sticky mud "peanut butter" that you cannot ride through.

After about 60 miles, we dry camped in an open, sandy area surrounded by sage. Conditions during the day - Windy and hot, but very cold at night. There were no trees at all for the last 30 miles of this route. Winds: headwinds on the west and south segments, but tailwinds on the east segment. Camping stakes will not penetrate sand and lava. We setup 4 e-bike batteries inside the tent to use as weight and this works for the whole trip.

Overgrazing. Cattle roam this lava-arid section of desert. There isn't much vegetation. Birds and animals are hard to find. One bird watcher talked to us about the overgrazing issue in New Mexico. She counted-off all the birds that should be found in this area, but are not, because of the overgrazed lands.

Stan forgot to mention tonight's gourmet dinner: Chicken & Dumplings package, leftover chocolate donuts.
(1) @duzer

Tues. May 25, 2021NM - El Malpais Alt "The Narrows" 43 -- -- (strava) (YouTube)
Day 2 - Tuesday, May 25th
- Finished the last 4-5 miles on the dirt road, then turned north onto the highway (no good camping there)
-Winds had shifted, so we had headwinds again, of course. The ride on the highway was smooth with not much traffic, all of which gave us a good berth. There was a narrow shoulder. The scenery was good with limestone cliffs on the right and lava fields on the left.
- Lunch: Picnic area : covered tables, vault toilets and trash bins.
- NO RECYCLING IN NEW MEXICO? We carried a lot of empty drink bottles with us.
- last few miles back into Grant were a grinding climb into headwinds with Stan's battery almost dead (Stay at Holiday Inn).
- Prairie dog colonies, ravens - no other wildlife spotted.
- Grants, NM: dinner at El Cafecito - Big portions, good price. Laundry at hotel.
Weds. May 26, 2021Grants NM- Cuba, NM (JENNY CLIMB)22 3:00:00 2700' -- strava for Jenny
Weds. May 26, 2021Grants NM- Cuba, NM 38.35 3:26:57 1287 elev. -- strava | (YouTube)
Loop 2 (North of Grants, NM- near Chaco Canyon) Day 3 - Weds, May 26th: Grants to Cuba
Stan: Based on the prior two days, we decided that climbing out of Cuba to the plateau above, would drain my batteries, leaving me little to cover the 122 miles. Of course, we had headwinds.
We drove up most of the way to the top of the plateau and dropped off Stan and much of Jenny’s gear. I a few miles to the top. Jenny then drove back to the hotel and rode the VERY STEEP 21 miles (About 2 pm)
- The scenery was full of volcanic cones. The road went up and down mesas and arroyos. Again, no water sources.
- Camped again in an open scrub land. There were reports that you could camp at a BLM wildlife exclosure, but the sign said "No camping within 600 ft" - Again, a windy camp site and another cold night.
- Cloudy day, which kept the day not too hot.
Stan didn't mention: beautiful sunsets on both sides of the canyons. Dinner: Mountain House lasagna with fresh parmesan, parm mix appetizer, clementines and leftover beans and rice. Dessert - chocolate wafer cookies

Thurs. May 27, 2021Grants NM- Cuba, NM- Continued 61.89 -- -- (strava)
Day 4 - Thursday, May 27th: Grants to Cuba - Continued...
- Continued on the main route (unpaved sand, rock) with similar terrain – up and down mesas and arroyos.
- We checked out a water source in Ojo Frio. It was a cattle tank with lots of algae and swimmers.
Again, we filled up some bottles with filtered water, but only used it for cooking.
- Decided not to search for the cleaner it was .75 mile off the road
- The last 10 miles of the ride was on US 550 with a wide shoulder but 65 mph traffic, a continuous climb and strong headwinds from the NW. We both were running really short of charge, so were using minimal or no power on that climb. We got into Cuba and both batteries died.
- Cuba: Most restaurants and businesses in town were permanently closed. After sucking down some big drinks at a Circle K, we pedaled to El Bruno Restaurante for dinner. Good food but grossly understaffed so service was slow. - Loding at the Frontier Motel. It was cheap, has a hose for cycling and a cloths rack for drying. Lots of bikers and hikers there. E-bikes appear to be rare in NM, so people were constantly stopping us to ask questions.
- Circle K Highly recommended for cycling provisions. Has a To-Go section with burritos, drinks, sandwiches, pickles!
Fri. May 28, 2021Cuba to Chaco Trading Center (paved) ALT ROUTE 48.9 -- -- (strava) (YouTube)
Day 5, Friday, May 28th :Cuba to Grants - In 2 days...
- We started down the highway alternate route back to Grants. We started with an easterly tailwind for a couple hours before it switched back to a westerly headwind.
- Finished 50 miles to the Chaco Trade Center/ Chaco Wash by 3:30 and used outlets in the laundromat to recharge the batteries. The store was well-supplied with goods for cyclists and hikers.
- Setup camp next to an old Santa Fe rail car in the spot the manager had groomed for thru-cyclists.
- Everyone we met in this part of Navajo Nation was very friendly and helpful.
- We did a load of laundry and just barely got the batteries recharged before the store closed at 8 pm.
- The owner locked us in to the fenced compound at 8 pm and reopened at 7 pm the next day. There was a dog in the compound who was begging for our dinner that night but we shooed him off. Apparently he lives in the compound, but no one claims him. That night he tried to get into our tent.
Sat. May 29, 2021Chaco Trading Center- Grants (ALT) (Paved) 74 -- -- (strava)
Day 6, May 29th, Saturday -Cuba to Grants - Continued...
- The next day, we ended up befriending him and Jenny gave him part of her egg/sausage/biscuit sandwich we had bought in the store and some milk we couldn’t carry with us and some ice water.
- 76 miles - a very hot, dry grind into another headwind with 42 miles of climbing up over the Continental Divide again. No shade except at the portico of a small church about 25 miles in. No shoulder. No one was there, but there was a water spigot and an outside outlet, which I used to charge for 15 minutes or so.
- the wind was so strong that it completely stopped us, even going downhill. We struggled into a travel center in Milan, NM – about 6 miles from our hotel - with very little energy or battery left. Kiva Café was just closing, but Jenny looked hot and tired, so they let us in and fed us. I used an outlet in one booth to recharge enough to finish the ride. We were rather dehydrated despite having water left as the water had been in the sun all day and about 85 degrees.
Sun. May 30, 2021Cuba - Abiquiu (Part 1) Main Route 26.68 2:24:53 2436' --
  • (strava) |
  • YouTube
  • Day 7, Sunday, May 30th :Grants To Abiquiu: Main Route : Unpaved Gravel
    Originally, we planned to drive to Abiquiu and ride south to Cuba from there. However, the forecast for the following day was for heavy rain and we remembered the warnings about the mud. (Although this section did not have those warnings.) We also noted that the climb from Abiquiu was 7750 ft and 77 miles, so we thought we would have to ride without power for most of that time.

    We had reservations for the Frontier Motel in two days and it was booked for the rest of the holiday weekend, so we were locked into staying in Cuba at the end of Day 8.(2) So, we decided to drive partway up the mountain from the Cuba side and ride as far as we could, returning to the car to camp.

    We drove about 20 miles up the mountain to a trailhead (no camping) so backed down about a mile to a suitable place to camp and started riding north. We didn’t get started until 4 pm. After riding about 13 miles, we ran into a thunderstorm, so we turned around and rode to the car and camp. We only got a few sprinkles as we had turned away from the direction of the storm, rather than ride into it. This road had lots of campers and ATVs unlike every other section we had done. It was Memorial Day weekend, so I’m sure that was a factor.

    Stan forgot to mention that we ran into Alpine cows at 9000 ft. See the Youtube video as I coax the cows to move along. They are protective of their calves. We also had another excellent camp-side (no fires allowed) dinner using the Jet Boil. Lasagna, fresh parmesan, and rolled nutella burritos for dessert.

    (2) On the way to Cuba, we decided to have lunch in Albuquerque at Los Pollos Hermanos: the scene of much of the filming of Breaking Bad. It turned out to be a long way off our route and the restaurant had returned to its original name of Twisters. But, they had the interior still painted as Los Pollos Hermanos, with lots of memorabilia from the series. The food, unfortunately, was not very good. Most of their clientele seemed to be Breaking Bad tourists. This diversion was fun, but cost us a lot of time.

    Mon. May 31, 2021Chaco Canyon N/A N/A -- -- Walking Tour
    Day 8, Monday, May 31st at Chaco Canyon
    With rain in the forecast, we drove to Chaco Canyon, since neither of us had been there. It is about 100 miles from Cuba - with the last 15-20 miles on a very washboard-like dirt road. The ruins were interesting. The visitor center was closed when we arrived. Jenny : Ravens told us to leave the area. We were all below their nest. Tourists ignored them.

    The storm came late in the day and we just caught the edge of it and a dust storm that preceded it. Nobody wanted to go back on that road, so we tried a different road that was not on our NM map but was on the brochure. It was longer and rocky but not as corrugated. There were lots of shredded tires at the roadside. We stopped to help one guy from Georgia with a flat who was unable to remove his lug nuts. We couldn’t get them off either, but we got his tire inflated enough that he could probably make it to the ranger station for help.

    The road ended up on Navajo 9 so we retraced some of our bike miles (in the opposite direction) in the truck. We couldn’t believe we had actually ridden that road so far with all the climbing. We ran into some bike packers about 6 miles away from the Chaco Trading Center and gave them the welcome information that the store was open until 8 (it was already 5:45) and that they could camp there. We stopped at the store to give them a heads up that cyclists were on the way. The storm had come late, but it was torrential, especially on the the GDMBR.

    In Cuba, we again ate at El Bruno. We talked to a couple of motorcyclists at the next table. They had not checked the weather and got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued. They wanted to know about e-bikes, like everyone else.

    In NM, they are still very strict about masks. All stores and restaurants require them and it is strictly enforced. You also have to fill out contact information in the restaurants. When we returned to Roxborough, we discovered most people were no longer wearing masks in the grocery store.

    Tues. June 1, 2021Drive Home N/A -- -- -
    Day 9, Tues, June 1st Driving Home
    We drove on the highway route to Abiquiu. It was very scenic but also very steep climbing. It was also more alpine than the other sections. In Abiquiu, Bode's/Phillips 66 has an excellent store with lots of camping/hiking gear and a good selection of trail food. The grill is closed, but they bring out take-out sandwiches and burritos. In our original plan we were going to stay at the Abiquiu Inn, which was expensive, but they were fully booked, which is why we stayed in Cuba instead. The town of Abiquiu was rather small and run down with only the gas station to buy anything. However, there is a state campsite at Abiquiu lake that seemed nice and fully functional with water and electricity. If we go back, we’ll stay there. We did drive a few miles up the steep, rocky, dirt road that is the trail from the Abiquiu side just to see what it was like. Certainly it could be done, but it would take a lot of energy to climb up to the 10,500 ft peak. In contrast to what we had been told, I would feel safer leaving a car in Cuba than in Abiquiu town.

    Subscribe to @smallerfootprint so we can get our own channel URL. The footage is rather raw, with little editing since we are just learning video edit.

    Jenny's Footnotes
    The selection of e-bike is determined mostly by your size. As I am petite (5'2"), I could only mount the Haibike and a couple of other brands. I can't use a dropper seat with a seat bag, since there's no room on my seat post. I had to get a rack and disable the rear suspension. It's hard to find a real E-MTB w/o rear suspension or to find one designed for a normal female.

    CampWe have 2 old tents. The larger one weights 8 lbs, the lighter one weighs 6 lbs. We took the lighter Rokk Sequoia tent, but found that Stan must sleep perpendicular to the door opening, which leads to one of us stepping over the other. Stan had a very old camp stove with equally old fuel. We both had 20+ year-old sleeping bags, which were not packable and not rated for cold temperates. Update: Stan just bought a 2-door tent - 2 lbs lighter than our small tent and with much smaller dimensions. We toured in the Navajo Nation lands and met several locals. One woman made sure to tell us about petroglyphs and features mosts tourists pass by. There are no signs around Pueblo Pintado. I noticed how locals referred to all businesses and sights using the word "our", instead of their. Everyone in NM wears a mask to protect others. I believe this sense of community is what makes NM different and special.

    During pandemic, we canceled our planned trip to Africa and Palo Duro Canyon. We assumed this state would last a long time, so we should prepare for off-grid trips.

     Equipment Changes after Trip 1
       * Stan orders a mini camp chair - smaller than our REI chairs.
       * Stan buys 2 Nalgene bottles at Murdocks ($15 each)
       * Broken display screen on Sony A-6000 - Sent for repair to (About $200)
       * Stan orders a 2-person tent with 2 doors ($65) 
       * Stan switches out the SPD/Flat pedal for flat pedals (both sides).

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Part 2: DEL NORTE, CO - ABIQUIU, NM

    Photo Album
    Leave a car in Abiquiu, NM (at Bode's) and drive a car to DEL NORTE, CO to Start. Finish in Abiquiu.


    Date Segment Miles Time Up (ft) Down(ft) Links
    Tues-Weds July 7,8 Cuba NM towards Abiquiu: Polvadera Mesa 15.03 - - - Strava | No YouTube
    Preamble - Finishing up Cuba to Abiquiu, NM
    We drove both the Xterra and Chevy Bolt EV to Riana Campground in Abiquiu, New Mexico. We ate dinner in Pagosa Springs on the way - at a loud and hot pizza joint. We arrived at Riana as the sun was setting. Campsite 1 is just about on top of the restrooms, the HC spot. We connected the EV to top-off the charge and setup the tent. The Camp host read us the rules (no drinking or parties) and we went to bed early. I woke up and found a big huge black bug in the restroom. I didn't have my glasses on, so I just new it was a beetle of enormous proportions. This campground is in a super cool red-rock area. We didn't have time to explore or use the new swim beach at the Lake.

    Weds. 8 July, 2021
    Due to heavy rains, we didn't ride a section near Cuba. We drove the 4WD Xterra past Cuba and up a windy, rocky, steep dirt road. What we didn't know: Despite clamping on both bikes to the carrier and using many bungees, the Cannondale came lose and the entire left side came off (mirror, GoPro holder, Ergo handlebar, bell). We decided to ride up to the Mesa, but to drive to Pagosa Springs for repairs before stores close. The dry hot weather and sandy roads made the uphill sections tougher. We saw wild horses, prairie dogs, alpine black cows, elk, mule deer and baby bison. The other side of this segment, near Abiquiu, consists of more evergreens and damper weather.

    The Mesa section has steep ascents with flat rocks, lava, gravel and deep sand sections. The view from above is not a "cliff-edge" view - their are trees and a fence leading to the drop-off.

    The weather was hot and dry - desert-like. We dropped off the truck at Bode's (with permission) and proceeded to Pagosa Springs quickly. The bike shop was open, so we gathered our parts and had grabbed take-out at Tequila's Mexican restaurant (meh) near the EV charger. We drove to Mellow Moon Motel, Del Norte.

    Thu-Jul 8 Del Norte - Platoro, CO 49.04 6:01 5673 3724 strava | YouTube
    Day 1 - Cycling Del Norte to Platoro, CO
    We ate a cold breakfast in the motel room at Mellow Moon (fridge full of drinks for purchase) - we ate our own food and I made coffee. As we climbed out of town, the sun became hotter and the climb steeper. Stan burns threw his battery faster on climbs. He and his bike are both heavier. We climbed Indiana Pass (11,910'), Elwood Pass and Stunner Pass in one day. We stopped at the picnic table in Summitville Mine (EPA Superfund clean-up site) because we saw a WC. We ate our packed lunches and drank our own water, since I knew ahead of time that all the water in this area is poison.

    During the climb up Stunner Pass, Stan lost power in both batteries, so he was walking. The view of the Red Mountain(s) was amazing. The red and orange colors were unusual and they looked like a stark volcano.

    I took his battery and charger and moved them to the top of the climb. I went ahead, but saw the distance to Platoro was still far, so I hid my extra battery and returned to help Stan. We arrived in Platoro just in time to get take-out at the Skyline Lodge & Cafe and buy some cheaper cold drinks at the check-in for our lodging. "We don't worry about getting Covid", said the owner. The Texans on ATVs were outside grilling and playing music. We saw Texas license plates all over. No masks.

    Fri-Jul 9 Platoro-Ponderosa CG(Horca,CO) 25.42 2:20 302 1516 strava | YouTube
    Day 2 - From Platoro, CO to Ponderosa Campground (Horca) in CO
    We made a hot breakfast in the cabin. A cloudy and warm day and a nice short distance - our rest day. For the first time, we encountered other cyclists. We met some stragglers from the 2021 Great Divide Mountain Bike Race, which was over. We saw Tyler a couple times and took his photo. He would decide to call his parents for a pickup. We rode along the river, enjoying the easier day. We ate leftovers at The Red Bear Welcome Center. I ordered an oreo blizzard, Stan a chocolate shake, at the food truck outside. We talked with 2 or 3 Great Divide racers and riders.

    We arrive at Ponderosa Campground early and find no laundry slots, but the owner gave us time after closing. We walked around the campsite, which is a new thing for me, since I didn't vacation or camp as a child. Most mega-RVs have satellite internet/TV and cutey-poo signs. They all have dogs. The family-style shower had 2 showers/2 WCs, so a couple could use it (and put the Occupied sign out). Our cabin contained twin beds, a table and a kitchen. I pulled out the spaghetti dinner and realized it was for ONE, not for 2 people, so we made fetticini chicken (and added bacon!).

    Stan tested the DJI Mini drone. We had an issue with it related to the connection between the phone and the drone. The gymbal was also getting stuck.

    Ponderosa Cabin: full fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster, hot plate, utensils, chairs. (No linens). Fire ring and picnic table. WiFi. RV-30 Amp. Office has ice cream and sodas.

    Sat-Jul 10 Horca-Wild Camp NM 43.92 5:26 3888 2047 strava | YouTube
    Day 3 - From Ponderosa Campground (Horca) Colorado into New Mexico
    Jenny: Climbed Manga Pass (Elev. 10230'). We saw a train on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Narrow Gage Railway. Crossing into New Mexico (Carson National Forest). Nice dirt roads... until... we reached the sharp shale. Big white sharp rocks piled up as a "road". We saw some ATVs going up the steep 0.5 mile hill. The rocks hurt our feet, but the meadow had trees and rocks too, so there was no escape from the steep hill and hot sun. An ATV couple offered to carry paniers - Stan dumped his onto their vehicle. We continued to walk our bikes up the hill and then we had lunch. An ATV couple from NM offered us water bottles. I'd been cursing some fast ATV drivers from Texas who blew dust in our face and came too close to us, but these drivers were awesome.

    The summit area was actually nice with great views. Again, we cross the CDT (Continental Divide Trail), but saw no hikers. The forest became quite scenic with trees and shade. We expected rain. We found no water. We talked to a cyclist going the other way - he reported no water ahead. We search for the river, but it is dried up. We find a campsite, well, a fire-ring and this looks like a nice camping spot. We make our freeze-dried dinner and set up the tent. I ask a passing car if they have extra water - they gave us 2 bottles and some root beer. Stan mentions hating root beer, but we are thirsty with little water left.

    Note: We did pass Las Lagunitas Campground. We didn't see any facitiies, but saw many downed trees. We heard that the campground is closed for safety reasons.

    Sun-Jul 11 Wild Camp, NM Hopewell Lake CG 22:10 2:57 1995 948 strava | YouTube
    Day 4 - From camping somewhere in NM to Hopewell Lake Campground in NM
    Jenny: We wake-up and tear-down camp. We skip breakfast. A couple bikes by. Shortly, we find a stream under a bridge, guarded by cows. We scare away cows as we stop for water. They are not happy and they return en-masse to get rid of us. We feel better having some filtered water available now.

    Stan's running low on battery again. We have a long uphill climb on US-64. I slow down to allow Stan to draft me. Looks like rain. We arrive at campground - didn't see the Camp Host. We find out campsite and quickly setup the tent. We have several burts of rain and hail. Some nearby campers with a car offer us water, as the spigots at camp are all turned-off. We bike around the camp after the rains and find the Camp Host. She has large jugs of water available and ... a huge solar array. She offers us power, so we hookup one battery each and return at 8 pm with the 2nd battery. Stan's ecstatic.

    Camp Host tells us she is from Texas and wondered why people disliked Texans - until she moved to NM and figured it out. She tells us about ATVers who don't want to pay for the campsite, so they leave fecal mounds in the vault toilet. The camp host position is available, as she plans to leave.

    We eat dinner. I lean against a tree and find sap in my hair and on my shirt. I smother conditioner over all of it and seem to regain my hair, washing it out with our "cow water" from earlier this AM. Biting flies feast on me. We have a cold night.

    Mon-Jul 12 Hopewell Lake-Abiquiu, NM (Finish) 56.38 4:48 1870 5748 strava YouTube
    Day 5 - From Hopewell Lake to Abiquiu, NM
    Jenny: We awake to dense fog with a red sun rising. Eager to beat the heat, we cook-up a nice breakfast with bacon & eggs (burrito for me) and oatmeal, coffee. We set out, leaving Hopewell by turning right (exit for cars is left). We ride on damp mud in the trees. Enjoying the shade, but feel like biting flies see me. We have a short climb to Canon Plaza. We find the boarded-up Summer Store. "Beep" for service. We try making noise but looks like shop is closed-up.

    We ride a paved road to Vallecitos. The little town has a sign for the Community Center by the Church - you must turn LEFT at the church to find the bright orange Community Center. It's closed on Monday, but we find an outdoor "toilet", spigots with cold water, and the WiFi password (taped to the window). There's a table with benches in the shade. It's quite lovely. We eat lunch. I put my head under the spigot. We plug in our batteries and top-off.

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 3: SALIDA, CO - DEL NORTE, CO

    Photo Album
    The Plan: Segment 3
    * Jenny on Haibike; Stan on Cannondale.
    * Taking no camping gear
    * Leave Xterra in Del Norte, CO
    * Leave the Chevy BOLT EV in Salida, CO (Ride Start). Ride South the next day.
    * Ride to Del Norte, take Xterra to Salida and drop-off Stan.

    Friday, August 6
    After a few weeks back home, we drove both cars to Del Norte (with charging/lunch stop in Salida, CO and in Del Norte) and left the Xterra near the Mellow Moon Motel in Del Norte, CO. The Woodland Motel (expensive!) has a full kitchen, ice, hot tub, a small table, TV, Wifi. We stayed on the first floor.

    We then drove back to Salida where we had dinner downtown at Currents, outside on the patio deck– which was very bike friendly. While we ate, we charged the car for free in a downtown parking spot for EVs. The chicken pot pie was good, but dessert was mediocre. It was lovely to eat outdoors and people watch. One guy towed a paddleboard while biking. We walked the town. Heard some live music outside a brew pub (a violin!) named Tres Litros Beer Company. We purchased some weird breakfast food at Natural Grocers downtown. Stan finished charging the Bolt EV at a hospital near the motel. There's a bicycle shop on every corner...


    Date Segment Miles Time Up (ft) Down(ft) Links
    Sat. 7 August, 2021 Salida to Tomichi Creek, Sargents (CO) 42.84 4:25 3786' 2415' Strava | YouTube
    Saturday 7 Aug. 2021
    Weather: Heavy wildfire smoke (CA, OR, ID) Cool, Clouds.
    Stan: Rode from Salida up Poncha Pass on US 285 then took dirt road up to Marshall Pass (over 10,000 ft.) for 26 miles. Jenny: The climb was on a good gravel/dirt road. Not much washboard. Aspen trees in the higher altitude. We saw marmots and pikas. The bike path from town led to CO-285 - had a good shoulder. Climb wasn't bad. Lots of trees. We had lunch at the top. Intersection of CDT, CT.

    Stan: Smoke from fires in CA and ID was so bad, you couldn’t see the adjacent mountains. Headwinds meant that we both killed our first batteries before reaching the Continental Divide. Roads were much smoother than in NM. Stayed the night in a cabin in Tomichi Creek Trading Post (Sargents, CO) which had electricity but no water or toilets. The store did have showers and toilets, however, for campers.

    Jenny: Dinner included a tasty salad with grilled chicken and strawberries with lime cheesecake and strawberry rhubarb pie for us. We toured the town of Sargents, a former railroad stop; elevation of 8,478 feet. Located right off the Continental Divide.

    Sargents Water Tank, Saguache County
    The 1937 Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) water tank at Sargents is listed as a subtype defined in the 1998 Railroads in Colorado 1858-1948 Multiple Property Documentation Form. The tank is significant under Criterion A in the area of Transportation for its association with the operations of the D&RGW Railroad on its Marshall Pass Route. The tank provided water for a vast number of steam locomotives traveling the pass from its construction in 1937 through the closing of the line in 1955. -- from History Colorado

    At Tomichi Creek Trading Center: The walk over to the WC inside the store wasn't far, but it was cold! I wore leggings, buff and a puffy. We used a combo to get in the back of the store (laundry and shower area). Each shower room had a toilet, sink, shower, bench and a dresser with fresh towels. The cabin included 2 bunk beds, a small fridge, a desk, lamps, overhead light/fan and outlets. The open screen window let in plenty of cool air. We had breakfast inside the restaurant. I stashed the leftovers in my Rubbermaid, per usual. There's a well-stocked gift shop with food, ice cream cones, drinks, souveniers... .

    Sunday 8 Aug, 2021 Sargents to Old Cow Town, CO 66.50 5:11 2847' 2989' Strava | YouTube
    Sunday 8 Aug 2021
    Weather: Hot. Sunny. Very smoky.
    Stan: Headed west on US 50 for 13 miles before turning off on the dirt road towards Cochetopa Pass.

    Jenny: The US 50 stretch was boring. The shoulder was 3 ft. to 4 ft, changing at the county line. Sunday traffic was light. After the highway portion ended in Doyleville (no town there), we entered an area with sage, no trees. The sun just beats down on you in the high altitudes. As we approached the Lower and Upper Dome Reservoirs, I thought ... surely there will be shade. Nope. None. The sun was directly overhead, so even the vault toilet provided only a couple of shaded inches.

    Stan: Just before the pass, we got to the intersection of the GDMBR, the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. At the intersection was a “trail angel” with cold drinks and a canopy for shade. There had been no shade all day and it was hot. The road has heavy washboard-type surface. There were 2 hikers at the site. The “angel” gave us grief about using an e-bike, but we noted that he *drove* his car up there – he didn’t ride a bike.

    Jenny: The climb to Cochetopa (10,032 ft ) began after the trail angel. There were trees and the climb was not bad at all. There's no special sign at the top, just a small one. After the climb begins the Rabbit Canyon area. This was so much better than the hot desert! Stan: Today we rode 66 miles total to Old Cow Town, which is a reconstructed 1880s Colorado mining town. Jenny: Continue on 114 towards Saguache, passing the Great Divide turnoff on 41 G, just a couple of miles. Take the first immediate right turn, no sign, but there's a huge arrow sign, so continue down the dirt road. The road continues about 2 miles. You will see a fancy No Trespassing sign on the fence. Finally, there's a ranch sign overhead for "Mill Creek Ranch at Old Cow Town".
    The place was apparently closed (limited?) during the first year of COVID (Jenny: management was working to landscape and re-open). The place was overgrown with weeds and most of the stuff was in storage. The restaurant was closed (which we knew) but we could use the kitchen at the Stagecoach Inn to cook our food. We were the only guests in the Inn and they had stocked the fridge with lots of drinks, breads and fruits for breakfast. The owner felt bad about the closed restaurant, so she sent the manager 19 miles each way to Saguache, CO to buy us a pizza.

    Jenny: We toured the little town and looked in the windows of the store, the jail, the dance hall. The saloon was empty and open. Kind of eery. Up on the ridge, there's a metal art of a Native American riding a horse. The sun sets. It's very quiet. A peacock appears. Very odd.

    The 2 story hotel is retro Western lodge with about 10 bedrooms (ensuite full bath) and a small refrigerator (tiny freezer). Each room has an outlaw's name (Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, Baby Doe Tabor...). There's a laundry room (dish washing sink) - free to use. The "kitchen" has a hot plate, microwave, coffee maker and full fridge (no freezer). The fridge was stocked with fruit, bagels, drinks, milk, snacks... for us to enjoy. The large wooden table would be great for a meal with friends or family. The lower area has a central space with sofas, chairs, lamps, games, DVDs (no cable), piano... a great gathering area. There's a grand staircase leading to hte upper floor, which has a balcony around the entire hallway, so you can look downstairs. .

    Monday 9 Aug, 2021 Old Cow Town To Del Norte, CO 53 4:30 2215' 2667' Strava | YouTube
    Mon. 9 Aug 2021
    Stan: Old Cow Town to Del Norte: 53 miles. Rode over Carnero Pass (10,166 feet). Jenny: We passed through hot washboard areas with no shade at all. We reached La Garita's sign - we headed off course about a mile to enter the town, meaning "the lookout". We found an OPEN sign at La Garita Cash Store (they take credit cards). We had a nice big lunch with cold drinks. The women reminded me of Gilead women... Nearby, is the infamous area of Los Hermanos Penitentes. The store/restaurant did sell Wooden Paddles embossed "La Garita".

    Stan: The most fun part was a double-track mountain bike trail (vice a dirt road) near Del Norte (although Jenny did get stuck in a steep gully.)
    Jenny: Coming into Del Norte, there's a gravel road going around the airport, with no traffic, nothing really. There's finally SIGNS (multiple) for the GREAT DIVIDE MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTE. First signs that we've seen.
    Stan: From Del Norte, we picked up the Xterra, drove to Salida and drove both cars home (without the need to recharge, though Jenny had to stop for gas.)


    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 4: Poncha Springs/Salida-Breck Loop

    GDMBR - Trip 4 - Sept. 2021 - Photo Album
    The Plan: Segment 4: 6-11 September 2021
    After a few weeks rest and equipment repair, we will drive the Chevy Bolt EV to Poncha Springs, Colorado. Michael Hays will join us - he will use and camp. We are credit carding.

    Poncha Springs, Colorado
    * Drop-off camping gear in Hartsel, CO (only one night camping)
    * Stay overnight in Poncha Springs at Poncha Lodge on Hwy 50. * Park the Chevy Bolt somewhere...
    * Westbound for the Colorado Trail Segments 14-9 with mandatory cycling detours
    * In Frisco, switch to the Great Divide
    * Stops: Buena Vista, Leadville, Frisco, Hartsel.
    * Ride mountain bikes to Poncha Springs. Drive car to pick-up camping gear and drive home.


    Date Segment Miles Time Up (ft) Down(ft) Links
    Tues. 7 Sept. 2021 Poncha Springs - Buena Vista Est. 47.8 13:29:55 6225' 5980' Strava | YouTube
    Monday 6 Sept. 2021 Preparation
    Arrived early, dropped camping gear at CAMP INDIGO. No one was there. I emailed Chelsea to notify her of the drop. Since we had to charge the Bolt EV in Salida and had some time, we stopped in Oveja Negra's factory. I looked at all the Chuckbucket(TM) drink holders, but I didn't want the camouflage color, so the manager/owner advised me to check downtown SubCulture Cyclery. We rolled in to Sub Culture Cyclery and purchased 2 multi-color "WACK PACK(TM)" Chuckbucket(TM) bags. We walked over next door and ate lunch at Biker & Baker.
    Dinner: Hunger Shack, Poncha Springs. Reuben. Very genuine. Pineapple - coconut ice cream!

    Tuesday 7 Sept. 2021 Colorado Trail Hike-A-Bike Fail
    Route: Bike from Poncha Springs, US 50, CR 250/252 and jump on CT Segment 14.
    Weather: Hot, sunny
    Lodging: Topaz Lodge Hwy 24. We ate dinner on Monday night next door at Hunger Shack (burgers, fries, real ice cream). We parked both our Bolt EV and Michael's car at the Visitor Center, which is not completly exposed to the highway as I feared, but has trees and shrubs. We ate oatmeal and 1/2 egg burrito by utilizing our microwave/fridge in the room.
    Time on the Road: 0900 AM - 10 PM (night) (13 hours 29 min.)
    Execution: The CR 250/252 was hilly, sandy and rough as expected. We reached the Colorado Trail Trailhead. So began a section of CT that was mostly rock and unrideable. "Hike-A-Bike" is the official name for this sport. One must push or carry the bike along the route without banging up the shins. My shoes kept slipping on rocks. The heavy bike fell on me several times. Arrival 10 pm on CO 24 using headlights. Hotel lights were turned-off, so I had to use NAV to find the hotel. Michael took the extra bed. We ordered Dominoes Pizza. It was mediocre (thin crust burnt), but we had no lunch, so we devoured it. We spent some time trip planning to avoid the Colorado Trail and take an easy gravel route to BV.
    Weds. 8 Sept, 2021 Buena Vista -Leadville 42.20 4:29:13 3225 1000 Strava | YouTube
    Weds. 8 Sept. 2021
    Weather: Sunny, Hot.
    Distance: 42.20mi
    Time: Moving Time: 4:29:13 | Elapsed Time 7:00:33
    Elevation Diff: 3,277ft
    Speed: 9.4mi/h 26.2mi/h
    Route: Komoot: Buena Vista to Leadville
    This was my favorite route of this trip. We began on a gravel ride which parallels CO 24. The road had several caves and followed a robust stream. Charming wooden A-Frame homes lined the stream. We crossed 24, passed Clear Creek Reservoir, then climbed to a neighborhood of rich people homes above Twin Lakes. The road was deep sand. Next, we ended up in a well-groomed forest with the nicest forest roads. We had to trespass a little to reach the main dirt road, which led to Leadville.
    Lodging: Tiny House "Destiny"; 135 W. 2nd St. (Michael stayed 3-4 miles out of town at warmshowers host).
    Looked in some shops, but by the time we had showered and cleaned-up the bikes, stores were closing at 6 pm.

    Dinner: Tennesee Pass Cafe [222 Harrison Ave (off the main street), Leadville]. The pizza place was closed due to staffing. The Tenn had outdoor seating. The waiter worked the entire outdoor seating area. I ordered gnocci with a cream sauce & greens. It was a huge helping. I stored it away, but it wasn't good the next day. Stan ordered MAC ATTACK BURGER with buffalo, cheese, egg... a heart attack meal.
    Thurs. 9 Sept. 2021 Leadville - Frisco Direct 30.81 miles 2:23:41 1700 2825 Strava | YouTube
    Thursday 9 Sept. 2021
    Weather: Cool in the AM, warmed-up to hot and sunny.
    : Distance: 30.81 miles 2:23:41 1571 ft differential
    Speed: 12.9mi/h | 34.0mi/h
    Time : Moving: 2:23:41 | Elapsed Time 3:25:33
    Revised Route: (Google Maps)(Komoot). CO 24 to CO 91 (all paved). Up Chalk Mountain Climb. Up to the former town of Climax (Mine)- the town was closed due to mining pollution. The Climax mine is still open - a major molybdenum mine Lake and Summit counties. Followed Ten Mile Rec Path into Frisco. Later, we circled Dillon Lake. The sky was finally clear of the CA/OR/ID smoke. The weather was perfect.
    Lunch: Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe (Main St.) - cinnabun style bread and a coffee. (Crowded!)
    Lodging: Snowshoe Motel, 521 Main St. Good location between 5th and 6th. Near food, shops. Microwave, fridge, 2 beds. Large room. The young day manager was from Tennessee and has never spent a Frisco winter. Tip: Make sure to get first floor.
    Dinner: Ollie's Pub & Grub (outdoor)(Off of Main, past 6th). We both ordered Mini Chimichangas (4) fried pulled chicken; Chips & Dip (salsa, guac, queso). Michael joined us, had a beer. He stayed at a warmshowers host on the edge of town.
    Friday, 10 Sept. 2021 Frisco - near Hartsel, CO 51.68 4:38:09 3350' 3575' Strava | YouTube
    Friday 10 Sept. 2021: GDMBR - Frisco - near Hartsel, CO
    Weather: Hot to Very Hot. Dry.
    Moving: 4:38:09 | Elapsed time: 7:45:46
    Route: Back on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, we began in Frisco on the Ten Mile Rec Path. We rode to Breckenridge quickly on the paved trail, rare for the Great Divide route. We stopped at the ski gondola ride area, where a Survey Man found us. He was working for the Tourism office and wanted to know what we were doing. We traveled down Main St. to the end of the small town. We began the Boreas Pass (3,503m) (11,493') climb. Adorable mountain homes lined the right, cliff-side. The entire area was forest covered. The road began with pavement, but after the Snow Barrier, the trail became a dirt road with ruts. Cars cluelessly hogged the entire road.

    At the top, I began to feel that something was very wrong with my front wheel. I checked the axis, it was tight. The right front brakes, however, completely gone. I had new brakes installed just one week prior.
    Note: Michael left about an hour ? ahead of us. We met up with him in Como at the USPS Post office / Art Gallery. If you arrive during USPS hours, you can use a real bathroom and charge devices.
    Lodging: Camp Indigo at Compund Brown (hipcamp). We arrive early. We see RVs parked, but we check each one and find no one (alive). The main RV has no note. We check the big blue water tank - it's nearly empty. There is a wash bucket underneath. We pick a campsite (there's no weeds and a fire ring) and setup. I text our host Chelsea. She says she is babysitting in the Springs, but some friend should be around. She says we can use her shovel for our shit. Anyways...
    Dinner: Michael made pasta with chopped grilled chicken. Next, he made Ramen noodles. We sat at the camp dining room table (with 4 chairs).
    We go to bed early after flying the drone. We hear dogs barking. All night. About midnight, something drives by our tent. Next, we hear chopping/whacking sounds. We hope this person was chopping wood.
    Sat. 11 Sept. 2021 Hartsel - Salida - Poncha Springs 63.55 5 hr, 22m 2500 3925 Strava | YouTube
    Saturday 11 Sept. 2021
    63.55 miles
    We wake up - no one is around. We just pack up and leave. We ride 10.5 miles to Hartsel. We are excited to have a big hot breakfast and nothing weird. We avoid DATELINE one more time. We ate a big breakfast under the shaded covered patio. We packed away some leftovers.
    Route: Great Divide Route: komoot. Desolate. Nothing but sand. So awful, not even sage grow here. The sun quickly heated up the day. The route continued with no sage, no trees, no shade. We met up with Michael at Como and hit under the patio shade at the USPS/ Art Gallery. We ate our packed lunches. We continued in the hot sun for miles and miles. I see a rocky outcropping with a tiny ledge and a sliver of shade. I dump the bike and head for the relief, but a rock is tossed directly into my shin. I scream. The nearby furry cows with horns look at me. A young man in a Jeep stops and offered us both water. We had plenty, but took some anyway following The Rules of The Desert.
    The day continued very hot and sunny until Michael invoked the Rain. "Wouldn't it be nice if... we had some rain" says Michael. Boom! Minutes later: a deluge. We finally hit the climb (and trees).
    Dinner: Hunger Shack - Poncha Springs, CO. Note: cheesesteak is spicy! Pineapple coconut ice cream awesome!

    UTAH White Rim Canyonlands Loop

    White Rim Photo Album
    The Plan: White Rim Trail, Island of the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, Utah
    Apply for an overnight MTB permit at in advance.
    Search on: Canyonlands National Park Overnight Backcountry Permits.
    Permits are sold 5 months prior to the window. See DATES chart on the website above.
    Leave a car at Parking Lot : Intersection of UT 313 and Mineral Canyon Road. With Parking Permit.
    Bike for 3 days, camp overnight 2 nights. We picked Candlestick and Gooseberry A. Shade is not an issue in the Fall.
    Leave No Trace One must pack-out all trash and recycle. There are vault toilets.
    Electric Car Report Stan: We drove the Bolt EV the 400 miles to the start. We charged the car in Avon (at 10 cents/kWh), at Glenwood Springs (where the charger glitched and zeroed out the fee after charging), at Grand Junction (where it took 25 minutes to get the EA charger to initiate – after tech support started it remotely) and at Moab where the free fast charger was about 3 blocks from our hotel. Jenny said there was some reason she picked this hotel but couldn’t remember why. After walking back from the DC fast charger, I saw that the hotel had a level 2 AC charger right out front. Doh! So, it cost $14 total in electricity to get there.
    Provisions and SAG: Stan: The N.P. recommends that you have a support vehicle to carry provisions, water and gear – which I agree would have been better. During the entire 3-day ride, we only saw one other person who was self-supported as we were. The other few dozen cyclists all had a support vehicle and weren’t carrying any gear. We rode the route counter-clockwise, which turned out to be a mistake for reasons I will later detail. All the cyclists and most of the jeeps were going clockwise. Jenny: Stan picked CCW - thinking less climbing.

    Stan: Per recommendations, I carried 16 liters of water and Jenny carried about 8 liters. We each carried an extra battery. I was pretty sure I would run out of battery after about 90 miles, so I tried to ration power usage as much as possible but that turned out to be impossible because of long sections of rocky and/or sandy terrain and VERY steep hills. Ironically, we didn’t use all of the water we brought (even after two bottles sprung leaks and I lost 2 liters) and there were deep puddles of rainwater in some of the flat rock areas that I was able to correct and filter for cooking use. One rider told us that she had done the route many times and never before saw water anywhere. Also, the temperatures were in the upper 50s and lower 60s so we didn’t sweat as much.

    Trip Totals: 95.3 miles. Vertical Ascent: 7,875 ft. Descent: 7,875 ft. Rated: Difficult/ Expert/ Advanced.

    White Rim Trail

    Date Segment Miles Time Up (ft) Down(ft) Links
    Tues. 2 Nov. 2021 UT White Rim Descent to Candlestick CCW Mineral Bottom to Candlestick 37.92 4:33:08 hr 1,550 ft 3,175 ft strava YouTube
    Day 1- Descent to Candlestick Campground
    Jenny: We parked on UT 313 and Mineral Canyon at the Mineral Bottom parking Lot (near Horsethief on the map). There were several cars parked. No available vault toilet. Some people didn'table clean-out their #2 waste or toilet paper. I kicked dirt over the remains and packed out the TP. We loaded the bikes and moved the 2 milk crates to the back trunk. We put the PARK PASS in the windshield (for the overnights).

    We biked on a dirt road, with some washboard, to Mineral Bottom Campground (about 15 miles). RVs had laid-out large blue tarps. A dog was barking inside a vehicle. Vault Toilet available. The dog owner returned with a large group of paragliders, who laid-out the sails on the tarps for folding.

    We descended the "Mineral Bottom Switchback". Not many Jeeps/vehicles. We heard a whoosh sound and located the paragliders jumping off of the cliff into the canyon bottom. The bottom had some rocks, but also shrubs and native grasses.
    Bike through mud tunnels (narrow mudways with some dry dirt). Lots of deep sand to maneuver through. My rack broke on DAY 1 at mile 26 - bottom of Potato Bottom. The Potato Bottom climb and descent is not trivial. We had great weather - sunny skies and not too hot. We had to move gear. I put my TRUNK BAG atop my handlebars. Stan carried my paniers and used a string bag. We arrived at CANDLESTICK in the twilight. Setup camp and ate a quick meal with the camp stove. (Mac, cheese with bacon bits). No one else was at the site. We had one vault toilet (WC) with TP. After dark, it was still warm. I saw a light in the distance. A young cyclist approached. He was from Palm Springs CA. He had cycled in NM just recently and met Ryan Van Duzer.

    Weds. 3 Nov. 2021 Candlestick to Gooseberry Campground (In the Canyon) Interior 26.6 4:42 hr 2,600 ft 2,250 ft strava YouTube
    Day 2 - Canyon Interior
    Jenny: Our 2nd day was another warm, sunny day in Utah. Full colors were on display. We re-arranged our gear. Stan put my 5-6 lb battery into my front tube bag with the tent. I moved water containers into my front bag to lighten his load. We expected Day 2, about 26 miles, to be "short and easy". This was the most difficult day. The climbs were steep. The downhills included sharp rocks and were "cliff edge" with loose scree. The climb to Murphy Campground was a steep, long climb. I still had plenty of battery power. Stan, carrying some of my gear, had more trouble and less battery left. I made it to about 1 meter from the top sharp edge of the climb, when I got scared my the vertical. I stopped. I had no traction with my hiking boots. Two young motorcyclists passed. I asked them to help me reach the final edge. They grabbed my bike, so I could climb over. I asked them to help Stan, about mid-way. Both men descended to Stan, attached a strap to his bike and gave mighty heave-ho. They pulled up Stan's bike. We rested in the meager shade of the vault toilet. The southern section of the ride continued with ups and downs.

    Stan's rack broke at MP 56- the metal was split in two. We just stopped and ...A passing Jeep driver asked if we needed anything. He drove all of our bags to Gooseberry Campground (Stan had 2 of his paniers, with 2 of mine on top). I had my trunk bag atop the handlebar. We reached Gooseberry in the twilight. We saw a car and campsite across at Campsite B, on the other side of the cliff-edge vault toilet. The toilets have been clean - probably because it is Fall.

    We prepared the tent, bags and dinner. Had chicken and dumplings with some cookies. This night was much colder. At one point I had the shivers, but we huddled and I was fine. I wore a light longsleeve shirt and leggings, with a hat, sometimes on my face.
    Total cycling time registed as 8 hrs, 41 min.

    Thurs. 4 Nov. Gooseberry Campground (In the Canyon) Ascent to Finish 40.6 3,750 ft 2,425 ft strava YouTube
    Day 3 - From Camp to Shafer Trail
    Summary: 40.6 miles (31 mi in the park ) 3,750 up/ 2,425 down
    We awoke to a cold morning around 7 AM. I packed up the pads, pillows. Stan made the oatmeals and my coffee. We decided that we would ask for help to carry the paniers, since we had 2 broken racks and the long switchback ascent. The other campers were going clockwise. We saw no cars or motorbikes driving CCW. We put the paniers on our handlebars. Today's route was a little easier, so we actually made some good progress. The route included slick-rock roads, a nice change of pace over the soft-sand slugging.
    I spotted a yellow jeep facing our intended direction, towards Shafer. We rode over to their picnic area on the edge of a cliff and inquired about their plans. This couple, Tammi and Brian, happily agreed to take our gear, 2 front tubes, 4 paniers and my trunk bag, to our car. The couple recently retired and were enjoying some trips before a move to New York. Freed at last from the wobbly ride. We now made much better progress.

    We saw some big horn sheep around Musselman Arch or Gooseneck Overlook. At the bottom of Shafer trail, there's a campground and last toilet vault. The Shafer Trail is rather straight and easy prior to the switchback ascent. While we climbed, I still had lots of battery left, but only needed level 2 or 3. Stan was pretty much out of power. Stan walked some of the segments. We were passed by several motorists going in both directions. The Trail was often in the shade, which was much cooler. I put on arm warmers and a buff. At times, I could not figure out where the cars would drive next. The final piece of rock was solid, so the trail actually goes around to the right and behind (not in view). Once we reached the top area, by the Entrance/Exit to the Park, we still had several miles to ride. I gave Stan my bike. I tried to ride his - I forgot that he has a dropper post, so I felt like I was riding a unicycle. Several retired miliary men in an SUV insisted on giving me a ride, so I intersected Stan - who forgot the car key and was back-tracking. We both reached the car before darkness, loaded up. Drove into Moab to the DINER which was packed. Hot tea was great. We were able to plug into the EV charger at the hotel and take a hot shower.

    Breakage on the White Rim Trail:
    * Jenny's Rear Rack (a huge metal hole developed. Asked a motorist to dispose of it. )
    * Stan's Rear Rack (split metal)- Trash
    * Stan's GoPro Stick -Broken Trash
    * Stan's Front Fork Cages (2) - Trash
    * Stan's Fork's Pepsi bottles cracked (H2O)- Trash
    * Holes in Front Axiom bag and Arkel Panier - Needs repair

    Jenny's Footnotes

          Equipment Revisions for Trip 2
            * Bike pump :  Stan ordered a new mini bike pump with foot pedal.		
            * Paniers:     New Bontrager paniers $65 each at Bicycle Village. 
    	* Camp chair:  Stan decides the weight/bulk of mini camp chair -carry only for a dry desert camp. 
    	* Bottle cozy: $17?  Stan orders 4 black cozies from amazon - to keep fluids cold. 
            *  Follow Leave No Trace principles
            *  Use EV as much as possible (there's very little train support here)
            *  Ride as much dirt as possible. Skipping pavement is ok.
            *  Maximize fun. Minimize injury.
         Best Quotes
             Everyone has mountain lions in their backyard, they just don't know it ... a guy in Salida.
         Purchases during Pandemic Year 1 - 2020 
    * MSR Pocketrocket(R) Stove kit (REI) * 2 x MSR ISOPR 8oz fuels cans (REI) * Mens and Womens' Magma 15 degree Regular (REI Co-Op) - lighter bags would be better! * NEMO inflatable sleep pads * Sea To Summit Pillows (inflate) * 2 Salsa Cradle kit - front dry bag & Expedition front pouch (Tent/Pads/Sleeping bags) * G Form MTB Pro-X2 knee pads ($60) * Axiom front pouch ($30) * Haibike extra battery ($999) and Cannondale extra battery ($750) * Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mirror $15 * extra Panier covers (about $10 each, Walmart) * 2 rear racks (Stan) * phone bag for top tube (Stan) * Slap Bag (TM) $11.20 "DUZER" discount (both) * 2 Oveja Negra water bottle Chuckbucket(tm) (Jenny) * 2 water bottle holders - Stan Purchases during Pandemic Year 2 - 2021
    * Stan replaced GoPro Carrier and the missing Bike Pump, mirror, bar-ends. * Jenny's Bontrager paniers (2) * Jenny's Rear Rack (a huge metal hole developed. Asked a motorist to dispose of it. ) * 2 Rear racks from Old Man Mountain, thru-axle (post-Moab trip) * Another GoPro Stick * WIDEFOOT Fork Cages (4) to replace those broken at Moab * 2 Clean Canteen (Stan) * 2 Paniers - Stan * 1 Front bag Oveja Negra (Jenny) for space * 2 MTB Tires, new brakes, repairs - Jenny

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 5: Pie Town NM to Mexico

    GDMBR - Trip 5 - May 2022 -New Mexico - Photo Album

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 5: Pie Town NM to Mexico

    The Plan: Segment 5: 2 - 11 May, 2022 New Mexico Southbound
    Who: Stan on E-MTB Cannondale; Jenny on E-MTB Haibike SDURO; Michael on Marin road bike.
    Drive 2 cars to Elephant Butte, then Columbus NM. Leave Prius in Columbus at warmshowers host.
    Stan drive the Bolt EV to Silver City Visitor Center.
    Bike from Silver City - Ridge Park RV- Hachita- Columbus. Return to Elephant Butte.
    Drive Prius to Beaverhead Work Center. Bike to Black Canyon Upper/Lower Camp, Lake Roberts, Silver City.
    Drive BOLT EV to Double T Catwalk near Alma. Hike the Catwalk.
    Bike Pie Town to Valle Tio Vinces Camp to Beaverhead Work Center.
    Drive Prius to Pie Town. Return home via Albq. 
    3 May Tues. Silver City to Ridge Park RV.
    4 May Weds. Ridge Park RV to Hachita.
    5 May Thur. Hachita to Columbus, NM.
    6 May Fri.  Beaverhead Work Center to Gila Black Canyon Camp 
    7 May Sat.  Gila Black Canyon Camp(Upper/Lower) to Lake Roberts Spirt Canyon Lodge
    8 May Sun.  Lake Roberts to Silver City. Double T Catwalk
    9 May Mon   Pie Town to Valle Tio Vinces Camp
    10 May Tues Valle Tio Vinces Camp to Beaverhead Work Center. Drive out.
    11 May Weds Bolt EV goes to Sandia Peak Inn ALBQ to Home. Prius returns directly.

    GDMBR Segment 5 : New Mexico Southbound

    Date Segment Miles Time Up (ft) Down(ft) Links
    3 May Tuesday AM Columbus NM to Puerto Palomas Mexico! 7:91 mi 45:58 - - Strava | YouTube:Mexico!, Silver City To Ridge Park
    To The Border!
    We paid the Park fee and parked at Pancho Villa State Park. Museum was closed. We biked down to the border. Stan didn't want to visit Mexico. He was afraid they would make us take Covid tests, eye tests, urine samples and detain us as seen in "Locked Up Abroad". We stayed on the right-hand sidewalk, took photos of the stupid and expensive BORDER WALL, then returned on the same sidewalk.
    3 May, Tues PM(Part II) Silver City, NM to Ridge Park (RV Park) 14.24 mi 58:35 994 ft 827 ft Strava | YouTube:Mexico!, Silver City To Ridge Park
    The Ride Begins
    We drove the BOLT EV to the Silver City Visitor Center. We charged the car while we unpacked the car and loaded up the 3 bikes. The highway up the hill leads to the RV Park.
    Ridge Park RV Park: Biker/Hiker area is on the left, past the entrance. The entire area is covered in GOAT HEAD THORNS. Do not take your bike into this area. You need a drop cloth to protect your tent. There is a picnic table and nearby electrical (for RVs and e-bike charging).
    The shower: required quarters. I couldn't see high enough to see the buttons, but you had to use a red button to turn on the shower. After putting in some quarters, the shower seemed to keep going and stayed at 1:30 min left. Some random man was in the WC. The owner saw his truck parked outside the WC/laundry and pounded on the door, ejected the man.
    4 May Weds. (Day 2) Ridge Park RV(Silver City) to Hachita NM 63.89 mi 5:35:37 656 ft 2192 ft Strava | YouTube: Field of Thorns, To Hachita
    Rolling Dirt road To Sand Pit
    The initial dirt and sand road via Thorn Ranch was a nice scenic ride. Michael took the short-cut: he saw wild boars. We saw another unwelcome sign "If you voted for Biden, take that sign, put it in your yard so the illegals can find you". Well, Ok. I will feed the hungry, tired, and poor. My grandparents were immigrants and I'm sure this man is not the first white bastard of America.
    We crossed under the highway to the Separ store. The store had kitsch and junk food. We bought cold drinks and left before Michael. The next miles were soft sand, washboard. Misery in the hot sun. Michael's tires were ruined by the previous night's stay in the Thorn RV park. He asked for a ride. The woman told us he "broke down", "wheels up". We couldn't reach him on his phone (in Airplane mode), so we waited. A septic(?) truck delivered M to Hachita. Once we turned onto the highway, it was paved, no shoulder, light fast traffic. A ghost bike for the late MIKE RACHELSON 1952-2019 GDMBR" was standing under a tree.
    Gwinnett cyclist hit by SUV, killed in New Mexico after biking from Canada
    We arrived at the Hachita store, found Michael, bought some supplies. The store will give you the Community Center key ($10 pp/cash). The Community Center is a large, mostly empty main room and another storage room. The kitchen area has microwaves, drip coffee maker, coffee, a large fridge/freezer!, a table/chairs, and a random assortment of leftover food both dry goods and refridgerated. We bought alfredo noodles and ate sandwiches for dinner. The men had large volumes of ice cream. Michael patched his tires' many holes.
    The sleep area is elevated like a stage and contains a cot and a mattress on the floor, plus several fans. There is a wash room nearby with a toilet, sink, mirror. Another toilet and a laundry sink (leaking, overflowed) is in the other room. We enjoyed a cool night and a good breakfast. Frozen water bottles started our day.
    5 May, Thurs. Hachita to Columbus, NM 45.08 mi 3:14:08 374 ft 833 ft Strava | YouTube:Hachita To Columbus NM
    The Border Man is Coming
    Paved. No shoulder. Light traffic. Open fields. We saw a road runner. Views of Damn Border wall. Border Patrol trucks every few minutes - driving fast. M. began earlier - we metup at the free museum in Columbus (with WC). M retrieved his car from the private community and we loaded up our bikes. Drove to Las Cruces bike shop to buy M more tubes for his bike. We ate lunch for CINCO DE MAYO at Matteo's Mexican (great street tacos and fancy drinks). We again stayed at the Elephant Butte Inn. We stopped at a service station and I bought a big fruit bowl and a Mexican fruit bar. I ate M's leftover alfredo & sausage. We went for a walk behind the Inn at twilight and found jackalopes (jackrabbits) that run in a herd like pronghorn.
    6 May Fri. Beaverhead W.C. to Black Canyon (Gila NF) 25.6 mi 3:16:49 2654 ft 2674 ft Strava | YouTube:To Black Canyon(Gila NF)
    Into The Fire?
    M. drove the Prius to Beaverhead WorK Center. The station was not occupied. There is a picnic table, outlets, water pump, and a vault toilet. Two trucks were getting ready to leave - with Fish & Game. They said we could park anywhere. They were off to hunt a specific wolf. The road was chunky, washboard, sand and slow. Little to no traffic. We passed Wolf Lake in the hot sun. Little wind. Stan flew the drone. Creek beds were dry.
    Black Canyon Upper/Lower, Gila National Forest: (Note: not Black Canyon in Colorado.) This is a primitive campground with a flowing creek, 2 cement picnic tables/benches, and a vault toilet. No thorns. We setup camp and had a nice dinner. Stan and Michael refilled all of our water bottles using the REI water filter. A very cold night. No animals showed up.
    7 May Sat. Black Canyon to Lake Roberts 34.59 mi 4:04:59 2073 ft 2753 ft Strava | YouTube:To Lake Roberts
    Out of the Woods
    Ride featured major hill climbs. Light winds and a cool morning. Stan flew the drone. Trees. After about 23 miles, we hit pavement with winding roads and steep climbs to Lake Roberts. I looked at a house that I thought could be our host, but I saw no signs. We kept going, asked for directions and reached the "town". The general store said "Closed Until 13 May." I found cell service, used Waze and realized that we passed the Inn, so we had to backtrack over the climbs. The #HangryBoys were not happy.
    Arrival at Spirit Canyon Lodge. The lodge is actually several buildings. Our unit had 2 BR and 2 Baths. Needed a vacuum. Too much furniture, really. The host said they removed the sign for replacement. Michael asked the owner Francine for food. We found frozen taco meat in the freezer and noodles. Francine gave us some more noodles and some tortillas (I still had an MRE and small tortillas). We ate the greasy taco-roni for dinner. M also had chicken nuggets. We washed our clothes and hung them outside to dry in the wind. The
    8 May Sun. Lake Roberts to Silver City 31.61 mi 2:33:07 2539 ft 2720 ft Strava (bike) | Strava (hike Catwalk) | YouTube: To Silver City & Catwalk
    Cat Walk
    Quick ride to the Chevy Bolt EV in Silver City, highway. Winding road with fast moving cars and several close calls. Pinos Altos was closed, almost a ghost town. Arrived in Silver City by 11 am. Charged the car and loaded up the bikes and gear. Michael arrived 30 minutes later. We headed to Super Walmart and bought dinner (Stan bought steaks and salad. I bought salad, fruit, and potatoes. Michael bought a pizza. Plus their ice cream.). With a double-booking, we got Unit #2 - with a washer and dryer. We drove about 4 miles to the National Catwalk for a hike. We walked until the closures. We didn't have trekking poles or water shoes - the next sections were among big rocks. Had a great dinner and washed our clothes. We're an exciting bunch. Michael suggested that drinking my 2 cups of AM coffee slowed us down. Hmmm.
    9 May Mon. NM-12 to Divide Cow Camp (Gila NF) 37.57 mi 4:16:09 ft ft Strava | YouTube: To Divide Cow Camp
    Strong Winds and Revised Plan
    We decided to remote-start this ride, thus forfitting Pie Town pie, since Michael wanted to ride less than 8 hours/day and because strong winds were in the forecast. We left Glenwood Catwalk and drove the Bolt EV to NF land at NM12 and Bursum Road. Left M off for an early start. We headed back into the woods. Our plan was to reach the farthest camp that's still in the National Forest. We had strong, gusting winds. The temp started cool but quickly warmed up. Stan and I found Ranch Trail Angels at A-F Ranch 7113 Bursum Rd. ! There was water in the front tub, but better yet, treats in the 2nd tub. We grabbed Oreos, left a donation and signed the guest book. We found a tree spot for lunch - leftover steak (Stan) and potatoes (both of us). We crossed the Continental Divide again and took a photo opp with all 3 of us. Found the Cows' Camp past Collins Park (where cows roam). There's a dirt road into it - no official marker. Setup camp. Several large cows stared at us. Realized their trail was right thru this campsite area. Had our MRE and went to bed early. A very cold night.
    10 May Tues. Cow Camp Divide to Beaverhead Work Center 24.12 mi 2:12:42 ft ft Strava | Return to Beaverhead
    The End of this Trip
    Had a fast scenic ride among cliffs and boulders. Took 3 hours. Ate lunch at BHWC's picnic table. Loaded up the Prius, drove to the Bolt (several hours). Got to hear Michael's wife's telenova story of what happened while Poppa was away. We drove the Bolt to Grants to charge. None of the restaurants had sit-down service at 8pm, so we walked into the Taco Bell drive-thru. Ate in the car. Headed to Albq Sandia Peak Inn to charge the car and shower. Michael headed directly back home and camped overnight.

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 6: Wyoming: Jackson To Wamsutter

    The Plan: Segment 6: 7-17 June 2022 Wyoming
    Who: Stan on E-MTB Cannondale; Jenny on E-MTB Haibike SDURO.
    We travel south on the bike by using car shuttles.
    Drive BOLT EV and XTERRA to Baggs, Wyoming.
    Drive Bolt to Boulder WY.
    1.  Boulder WY to campsite 
    2.  Campsite to Atlantic City WY
    3.  Atlantic City to Cow Camp
    4.  Cow Camp to Wamsutter.
    5.  Wamsutter to Baggs. (Drive to Jackson)
    6.  Jackson to Colter Bay WY
    7.  Colter Bay to Lava Mountain Lodge
    8.  LML to Kendall Valley Lodge
    9.  KVL to Boulder WY
    10. Return

    GDMBR Segment 6 : WYOMING Southbound

    Date - Segment Miles Time Links & Blog
    Wed. June 8, 2022
    Boulder WY to Corner Sign Camp, Sublette Co. WY
    44.27 mi 3:59:45 hr Strava | YouTube #5
    Click for Elevation
    Boulder WY to Corner Sign Camp, Day 1
    I drove my Xterra and Stan drove his Bolt EV to Baggs, WY. We parked by a school in the grass, as directed by a local man. We drove the Bolt to Boulder WY and parked at a mostly closed Post Office. We grabbed some supplies from the store nearby and biked from there as the temperature rose. Flora/Fauna: small scrub and sage; pronghorns, prairie dogs, ducks and cows. The paved road section had no shoulder, but little traffic. The unpaved section was good, hard-pack dirt. No shade. There were many flooded fields on both sides of the road. We missed the camping area, which wasn't marked. We began to look for a campsite, when I suggested we pull over at the intersection with a big sign. The weather changed, with a big dust storm enveloping us. We setup the tent on a flat area, with the cooking area in a depression for protection from the winds. Fearing a rain storm, we covered the paniers. Setup tent. Ate mac, cheese and bacon. I could not find my camp shoes. Went to bed early.
    Thu. June 9, 2022
    Corner camp to South Pass & Atlantic City, WY
    31.00 mi 2:46:47 hr Strava | (YouTube )
    Click for Elevation
    Climbing to South Pass City and Atlantic City, Day 2
    AM: We awake to a calm morning. We moved all the old rusty cans and other trash to the sign post. We uncovered the paniers and my camp shoes popped out. We set out for Atlantic City. Dirt road good condition. Paved 5-6 miles of hwy had shoulder. Lots of pronghorn. We went onto a 70mph highway for about 5 miles, stopping at the "Visitor Center" which had a bathroom, water bottle fillers, but no electrical outlets. We climbed up the hill and turned right, onto another dirt road. We climbed and descended a big hill and entered SOUTH PASS CITY. Children came out of a bus to tour the historic area. We used the WC. We passed the Gold Mine in Carissa. We climbed another monster hill and descended fast, with clouds moving in. We found the Miner's Grubstake (Closed Mon, Tues).

    Lodging: Wild Bill's Inn/Miner's Delight Inn. We found the innkeeper working at the Gun Shop across the street. We had an upstairs room (steep steps) with a very comfy bed and a large bathroom. The spotless inn is decorated with period pieces.

    Fri. June 10, 2022
    Atlantic City WY to Horse Camp
    58.24 mi 5:37:02 Hr Strava | YouTube #6
    Click for Elevation
    Atlantic City WY to Horse Camp, Day 3 Friday AM in Atlantic City, WY: The breakfast was a made-to-order scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, OJ, coffee/tea. We were joined by 2 other cyclists (from the pub) Ben and Evan, headed NB. We ate it all. The cabins outside were new and made-up ready for travelers. These cabins share a bathroom cabin (Men, Women) with a full kitchen. Grill outside. We enjoyed our "rest day". Bill asked if we camped at The Sign Post - yes, that was us. He said he'd retrieve the trash.

    The Ride: We went up the hill. About 20 miles out, we met Caity, who was exhausted after riding 100 miles from day thru the night (coming from Rawlins), to escape heat and head winds. She was headed to Wild Bill's. We met a CDT segment hiker with a backpack and a front pack on. That looked painful. Met 3 Brits going southbound - advised them of Grubstake Pub. We left the road as the trail ascended a double track route up a steep cliff edge. Wild horses ran and played. Pronghorns were all over, but skittish. We had one very steep hike-a-bike section to get up on the cliff top. We were following the gpx, but you always wonder if you are lost? We came down to a sand-dirt road. We were hot, but easy riding.

    After about 60 miles, we were ready to eat, so we setup a tent. Hid in the shade and made spaghetti with somewhat fresh parmesan. I made a recovery chocolate shake in my metal coffee cup - don't try that with a narrow bottle, it's hard to clean. The horses were curious about us and our tent. They circled us. Stan heard them during the night. Perhaps getting a close look at the aliens. Sleep pad leaked and deflated. We heard coyotes singing.

    Sat. June 11, 2022
    Horse camp to Wamsutter via Oil Basin
    40.58 mi 4:37:12 hr
    Click for Elevation
    Horse Camp To Wamsutter, Day 4 AM: We had to ride 12 miles to the turn. At the turn, there was a log in the intersection, so we had lunch sitting on the log. The ride after lunch was long. It's a big oil basin. The structures match the setting (olive green or tan). No people. As we neared Wamsutter, big trucks came onto the road and washboard/ sand. Horses and pronghorns.

    We arrive in Wamsutter, stopping at the over-priced Love's for a drink. We checked into the Sunset Inn, passing under the highway, turning right, not far at all. We ate a big lunch/dinner at Hacienda Mendez which was a great meal. The Sunset Inn's owners have returned. They were attentive to helping us settle in. We used the free laundry.

    Sun. June 12, 2022
    Wamsutter to Baggs
    50.34 mi 4:18:16 hr Strava | YouTube #7
    Click for Elevation
    Wamsutter To Baggs WY, Day 5 We made our own breakfast. Left on a dirt road out of town. Hot. Boring. Hills, not flat. Headwinds. Wild horses, pronghorns, prairie pups. At about mile 26, we biked on pavement. We found the truck in Baggs. The Mexican place was closed. We ate dinner in Rock Springs at the Santa Fe Grill on Elk St. exit 104. They were closing as we ate. We stayed at the Pinedale Baymont, which provided breakfast. The hotel was swarming with tourists who spoke Russian.
    Mon. June 13, 2022
    Drive to Colter Bay, WY
    N/A N/A YouTube 1 | YouTube 2
    Drive To Colter Bay, Yellowstone Floods: Day 6 We drove to Colter Bay in the rain. I had a stomach bug. We asked the Teton ranger if the road was open, so we could ride south towards Jackson. He said it was closed after 3 miles. Decided to check in to Colter Bay. As we drove north, we saw a sign YELLOWSTONE CLOSED. We found out that our neighbors were driving on the same road and were supposed to stay up north in YS. Record flooding with caved-in roads closed the Park.

    We ate at the recommended Pizza place (Marina?). The crust was burnt. Weather cleared. Took photos. Got the key to the cabin. We metup with 2 Belgiums going NB. We discussed Union Pass and the fellow showed us a photo of the snowdrift.

    Tue. June 14, 2022
    Lava Mountain up one side of Union Pass
    28.46 mi 3:06:39 hr Strava | YouTube 3
    Click for Elevation
    Lava Mountain, Union Pass North: Day 7 With Stan coughing (COVID tested negative) and the weather very cold and windy, we decided to take the Truck to Lava Mountain and bike up both sides of Union Pass. We weren't sure where all the YS closures would be and having a truck nearby sounded safest. We parked at Lava Mountain, biked down the highway a bit (too far on my part, had to U-Turn). Went up the dirt winding switch-back roads. Climbing was hard work, so I work a light jacket. The winds were bracingly cold and snow was off and on. We went up high to a campsite with a vault WC and bear boxes. We ate lunch, trying to hide from the gusting winds to no avail. We went onto double track, quite nice. Had to go underneath a big tree blocking the path.
    Wed. June 15, 2022
    Kendall valley up Union Pass
    46.15 mi 4:11:44 hr Strava | YouTube #4
    Click for Elevation
    Union Pass South: Day 8 We drove from Lava mountain to Jackson to Kendall Valley. The lodge is where the pavement ends. We parked in a parking lot with a vault toilet. Stan drove the Xterra up a very steep, narrow and winding road. The road had ruts, moguls and rocks. We parked by Mosquito Lake. We biked up and down a winding road, conditions not as bad as below. We found Strawberry shelter. The shelter is a nice-sized building with a wood stove and tables. We signed in and saw that the Belgiums had also signed in. We continued up and down the trail. We spotted pronghorn, elk, and mule deer. We found a lookout viewpoint for Union Pass and took photographs. We met a Kiwi cyclist. We went up to the snow drift and met up with motorcycle guys, who truned around. We returned.

    We hurried down the mountain. Stan drove down the rutted road. I was cold and put on my puffy. We missed dinner by almost an hour, but Brian (staff) let us microwave pizza and get hot water for the MRE (REI meal). I made hot tea. The cabin was lovely. Brian mentioned that the famous Yellowstone grizzly bear's two sons were now residing in Kendall Valley, so we didn't go outside. Had a great big breakfast with leftovers. Brian said the winters are -30 to -60 F and he'd had enough of that, so he's moving to SC for winters.

    Thu. June 16, 2022
    Kendall Valley to Pinedale WY
    31.28 mi 2:14:51 hrs Strava | YouTube #4
    Click for Elevation
    Kendall Valley to Pinedale, Day 9 This was not downhill. Stan left his 2nd battery in the car. We saw some cowboys rounding up cattle for a cattle drive on the road. We ate a huge "baby" ice cream in Farson at the Mercantile.
    Fri. June 17, 2022
    Drive Home

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 7: Wyoming Border (Baggs) To Silverthorne, Colorado

    The Plan: Segment 7: Sept. 2022 Colorado Part 2
    Southbound Who: Stan on E-MTB Cannondale; Jenny on E-MTB Haibike SDURO. Joined by Michael H. for part. We travel south on the bike by using car shuttles. We're shuttling and not carrying Tent & Bags. Drive BOLT EV and XTERRA to Silverthorne (Visitor Center). Leave Bolt EV. Drive Xterra to Lynx Pass in CO. 1. Paid for overnight camping thru Friday. leaving Xterra. 2. Bike Lynx to Kremmling to Silverthorne. 3. Drive Bolt from SV to Baggs. Keep Bolt in Baggs. 4. Bike Baggs to Columbine to Steamboat to Lynx. 5. Drive Xterra from Lynx to Baggs to get Bolt. BELOW ACCOUNT WILL BE IN SOUTHBOUND ORDER (not chronological).

    GDMBR Segment 7: Colorado Southbound - Part 2

    Date - Segment Time Miles Links & Blog
    7 Sept. Baggs WY to Columbine CO 4:34:52 49.13 mi/ 78 km Strava | YouTube
    To Columbine Cabins (with Michael) Had hot pockets and oatmeal. Michael joined us. Left the vehicles in Baggs in the large parking lot of the 2 hotels. The day began with a cool temperature. The route begins on in Baggs on a highway, busy road, then 5 miles of construction with no shoulder. MP 12. Savery. Tiny town. MP 20. Slater. Turn to the ALT route. There is actually a Great Divide Sign. The road changes counties 3 times, and designations. 710 MACON / CO 129 to ROUTT. We meet a dog, then named "Su mira", as the dog became Michael's shadow, after us. She ran along for at least 10 mi/16km, as seen in the drone shots. We passed a big fancy ranch that looked like Yellowstone, named "3 forks". This day had some trees, shade, a river. We ate lunch under a tree. Can't complain. We arrived early enough in old Columbine to order some homemade ice cream, but Michael did not. We settled into GOLD cabin and made dinner, enjoying the deck chairs and watching the cows. Cows. No bears. Autumn yellow aspen leaves and nice weather. Cabin quite lovely. They are adding bathrooms to all the units, but the shower room was deluxe.
    8 Sept. Columbine to Steamboat Springs 2:53:37 38.92 mi / 61 km Strava | YouTube
    To Steamboat Springs with Michael Leaving from Columbine on a cool morning... breakfast made in a real kitchen with coffee. Stopped in Clark at the general store for 2nd breakfast coffee and a burrito to go. Traffic got fast and we lost a shoulder... Had lunch at Beau Jo's. Bike shop stop. Legacy Vacation Resorts. Hypnotic Chicken.
    9 Sept. Steamboat Springs CO to Lynx Pass Campground 3:28:42 37.22 mi 3,387 ft Strava | YouTube
    Day 5 : To Lynx Pass (return) Leaving from steamboat Passing Stagecoach Reservoir, where all fancy neighborhoods are named Stagecoach I,II,III... To the truck. Returned home.
    Lynx Pass to Kremmling. 3:45:20 hr 41 mi/ 70 km Strava | YouTube
    5 Sept.: Lynx Pass to Kremmling Parked the Xterra at Lynx Pass campground ($5/day fee). Hot weather, dry. Jenny: Realized I left the sun lotion in the truck, returned 2 miles each way. Stan: Left turn markers on the ground for Jenny, so she'd know the way. Jenny: We came up to a stream crossing and didn't have the momentum to make it. Soaked the socks. Didn't matter. The heat and sun were unrelenting. About halfway, riding thru washboard roads, we reached RADIUM. There's a camp spot with vault toilets. A gathering of antique Bronco trucks were getting ride to drive up and down. The heat continued as we climbed up a steep road, with much traffic carrying boats and such. Only one restaurant was open - it was crowded. Given Covid, we went to the gas station and bought ramen. The hotel keep showed up a room w/o a bathroom, so we asked to trade, since the WC was down the hall. The new room was so small, the bed was against the wall and I had to climb over the bed. The other guests were the hotel keep's parents. Hot pockets and oatmeal for breakfast and away we went.
    Kremmling to Silverthorne 4:46:31 52.98 mi/ 85 km Strava | YouTube
    To Silverthorne Saw a coyote, red fox, sage. No shade. As the sun baked us, I saw a horse trailer and decided : this is our lunch spot. Hope you don't mind, but we're parched. Passing fancy homes, to a fire road, then a river trail. Found our car in the parking lot. Our room at the Cowboy Inn was already occupied, so we ended up at the Driftwood Inn.

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 8: HELENA, MT to Tetons in WY

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Segment 9: CANADA BORDER TO HELENA, MT

    Provisions and Leave No Trace

    I packed Rubbermaid containers which I used for oatmeal (and leftovers or trash), jam, and topping. I also carry a coffee cup (coffee bags). We have a mini-metal spoon, fork and knife set. We packed 1-2 nights' of dinner, plus pre-made PBJs and snacks. Pickle packs with easy-to-flatten containers are preferred.

    We practice Leave No Trace Principles packing out our own trash and plastic bottles. I also cleaned-up the trash at the Chaco Trade Center camp area (by the rail car) to encourage others to stop littering. The trash can is close, yet the laziness of people continues.

    The Bikes

    E-MTB Jenny Stan
    Classification Class 1 Pedal Assist Class 1 Pedal Assist
    Make/Model 2019 Haibike SDURO Full Seven 3.0 Cannondale Cujo 130
    Motor Type Mid-Drive Mid-Drive
    Motor Yamaha Shimano
    Battery/Capacity Yamaha Lithium Ion 500 wh Lithium Ion 504 wh
    Price GoodTurn $3299 Pedal
    Wheel Size 27.5 inch (2.4") 27.5 inch (2.8")
    Tires Tough Tom, Continental XR4 Issue (fat); WTB Ranger
    Modes High, Std, Eco, Eco+
    Frame Aluminum Aluminum
    Weight 50 lbs 52 lbs. 8 oz
    Suspension/Travel Full SR Suntour 120mm/120mm Full
    Gears/Chainwheel 10 gears; 38 Teeth 10 gears
    Specs Haibike Specs Cannondale Cujo Neo 130
    Pros Good battery life ~60 miles; quiet Bottle brazons
    Cons No bottle brazons Less battery ~45 mi; Noisy
    Gear - Extra
    Paniers #1 - Nashbar-found in garage-broke
    REI Novara waterproof
    and Arkel
    Back Bag Trans It -found in garage Various old trunk bags
    Handlebar Bag(s) Axiom ($30) & Tube Bag ($100? kit) Axiom & Tube Bag
    Pedals Crank Brothers Stamp 1 ($34) Flip (SPD & Flat)
    2nd Battery $1,000 $750
    Electronics Sony a6000; Pixel 3a GoPro; DJI Mini 2 drone
    Bikepacking 101

    Great Divide YouTube Playlist Summary

    Trip 1: 3 Loops in New Mexico, May 2021
    1: NM - El Malpais: Chain of Craters [
    1: NM - El Malpais: The Narrows
    1: NM - Grants To Cuba, NM
    1: NM - Cuba To Chaco Trading Center, NM
    1: NM - Cuba To Abiquiu MAIN ROUTE
    1: NM - Chaco Canyon Walking Tour
    Trip 2: Colorado to New Mexico, July 2021
    [2: NM - Cuba : Polvadera Mesa]
    2: CO - Del Norte, CO - Platoro, CO
    2: CO - Platoro, CO - Horca, CO
    2: Horca, CO - Wild Camp in NM
    2: Wild Camp To Hopewell Lake
    2: Hopewell Lake - Abiquiu, NM
    Trip 3: The Old West, Colorado Tour: August 2021
    3: Salida, CO - Sargents (Marshall Pass)
    3: Sargents, CO - Old Cow Town
    3: Old Cow Town - Del Norte, CO
    Trip 4: Colorado Mountain Towns Loop, Sept. 2021 (JLS,SAS,MH)
    4: Poncha Springs to Buena Vista, CO (CT 14)
    4: Buena Vista, CO - Leadville, CO (Sept 2021)
    4: Leadville - Frisco, CO via Gravel
    4: Frisco - near Hartsel, CO
    4: Hartsel - Poncha Springs, CO (Return)
    DJI Mini Drone (only)
    TX - Caprock Canyons State Park 2021/05/06 [DJI 0026]
    TX - Caprock Canyons State Park 2021/05/06 [DJI 0027]
    NM - Climb from Cuba 2021/05/30
    NM - Climb from Cuba - Spinning Overhead 2021/05/30
    NM - Grants lower loop MAIN ROUTE - 2021/05/24 [DJI 0028]
    NM - Cuba - Abiquiu Camp - Spinning Overhead 2021/05/30 [DJI 0030]
    NM - Cuba - Abiquiu Camp - Spinning Overhead 2021/05/30 [DJI 0031]
    NM - Cuba - Abiquiu Camp - Over Truck 2021/05/30 [DJI 0032]
    CO - BV To Leadville 0 2021/09/08 [DJI 0055]
    CO - BV To Leadville - 2021/09/08 [DJI 0056]
    CO - Camp Indigo - 2021/09/10 [DJI 0057]
    CO - Camp Indigo - 2021/09/10 [DJI 0058]
    CO - Camp Indigo - 2021/09/10 [DJI 0059]
    CO - Camp Indigo - 2021/09/10 [DJI 0060]

    Three Class E-BIKE Model

    » CLASS 1: Bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the e-bike reaches 20mph.
    » CLASS 2: Bicycle equipped with a throttle-actuated motor, that ceases to provide assistance when the e-bike reaches 20mph.
    » CLASS 3: Bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the e-bike reaches 28mph.

    Class 1 bikes will be allowed in the most areas in the USA.